3 August, 2017

Days of Visual Learners and Singers

-Sarra Mullick and Saby Franco

Minds are like parachutes- they only function when they are open. On 25th July, 2017 the students of standard 1 had a Memory Game Competition. Brain gym activity was conducted which the kids executed in a joyful manner. The rules of the competition were explained to the students. Few pictures were displayed on the smart board; the children viewed the pictures for a while and then circled the pictures on a worksheet given to them within a time slot. The (top ten) children who hit the target were awarded certificates.

The Singing competition for Stds I and II was held on the 25th July 2017. The best twelve participants were selected from each standard. The eminent judges for this competition were Mrs.Dolla Durundo, Mrs.Lizelle Mendes and Mrs.Marushka Pinto. After an absorbing and entertaining session of singing, the winners were declared by the Head teacher and awarded certificates.

The winners:

Std.1: 1st place- Rushaan Marolikar and Caleb Dias , 2nd place- ┬áPranav Suresh Kumar, 3rd place – Arnav Singh.

Std. 2: 1st place Shawn D’Sa, 2nd place- Clyde Methri, 3rd place -Yohann Fernandes.


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