Dance Competition

-Ms Kashmira Rodrigues

 5 th October, 2015

  DancePri-7OCT03   Dancing is always a great way to keep busy and is a lot of fun. Dance represents ones feelings. The students of Std IV put on their dancing shoes and displayed their moves. Eliminations were held in class and three boys from each class were selected. It was amazing to see the students perform on stage. They danced to the rhythm of popular songs. They incorporated various dance forms like hip-hop, free style and kept the audience entertained . They were judged  by experienced chorographers, the criteria being expression, style, use of stage and props used. Of the twelve students who participated in the final round three were declared winners – Kate Kaustubh, Kyle Rozario and Aditya Valia. At the end of the competition the judges put up a performance which was a treat to the eyes.