Culture grows on the vine of tradition
-Ms. Rochelle D’Souza

India has rich culture and Indians cherish traditions. India was a home to many invasions and thus it added to the present variety. ‘When you are entrusted with a tradition you’ve got to protect it’. Against this backdrop, the boys of Jr. Kg celebrated Traditional Day on 16th December, 2019 with great gusto and enthusiasm. The day began with the teacher explaining to the boys about the rich tradition and culture of India. The boys were designated to come in traditional attire from their home state or specific culture of their choice.
A journey of diverse culture and tradition began. The boys were clad in their traditional clothes to represent both girls and boys of different states and religion giving an insight to their culture. The Kashmiri girls and Phadi boy from Himachal Pradesh spoke of glories of their valley culture. The Punjabis, Rajasthani girls and boys, Gujarati girls spoke about their dances and folk lore. The tribal girls of Nagaland spoke about their food and festivals. The Christian boys and girls spoke a lot of their adapted colonial culture, their food and festivals. The south – Tamil boys and girls, a Keralite girl and a Karnataka boy spoke about their glorious culture. The Parsis, the Arab and the Muslims highlighted their Islamic culture and traditions. The traditional attire, ethnic jewellery, language and facial expression were worth watching. The vast array of bright coloured sequenced costume and dazzling smiles added energy to the entire scenario. The presentation highlighted the impact of unity in diversity. Fully clad in traditional clothes, the children reinforced the traditions through the sharing of food with their friends. They took pride in the delicious food prepared by their parents and shared them willingly.
It was indeed a unique extravagant display of national tradition, culture and heritage and above all, it was a grand learning experience. It definitely strengthened the bonds among the children and created respect for each other’s culture.

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