Cultural Day 29 Aug Primary 0003`Helping Hands, Loving Hearts `, this theme was beautifully portrayed by the students of Std. IV in the form of dance, drama and music. The programme began with a lovely welcome by the students  who came dressed in colourful costumes and set the tone for the day with their graceful dance and melodious singing. This

was followed by the students seeking God`s blessings in song and dance. The entertaining action songs , dances and skit depicted creating loving hearts for universal happiness kept the audience entertained. The Principal`s inspiring speech and the Thankyou song brought this programme to an end. This will be a memorable day in the lives of the students of Std. IV who got a chance to perform on stage thanks to the tireless efforts of their teachers.

Mrs Kashmira Rodrigues



Cultural Day 29 Aug Primary 0005