-Ms. Mohini Goshi primary-cultural-day-std1-sept-1-mohini-1 primary-cultural-day-std1-sept-1-mohini-2

Cultural days in the Primary section of Don Bosco, Matunga are unique days. The students of Std. I celebrated their cultural day on the theme “Spread Love and Kindness wherever You Go”.

The packed Bianchi Hall was welcomed warmly by the students of Std I D in song. Thereafter the blooming buds of Std I C performed a prayer dance seeking God’s blessings. It was then the turn of the students of Std ID to thrill everyone with their dance to the all time favourite Waka,Waka. The skit presented by Std IB saw some smart and confident acting by the young students while depicting beautifully the aspect of love changing everything. It’s love after all that makes that big difference in the world! The fusion dance by Std I A depicted the various traditions and cultures of India.

Fr. Rector’s warm advice to the parents and the Principal’s inspiring speech were the other highlights of the entertaining program. The heartfelt thank you song by Std IC brought this program to an end. It was a memorable day in the lives of the students of Std I who got an opportunity to perform on stage, thanks to the tireless efforts of their teachers.