22 September, 2019
Cultural Day Std. I
-Mrs. Pearl Lobo

An important event in the calendar of the Primary Section of Don Bosco Matunga is the Cultural Day. The students of Std-I depicted through their stage performance that joy multiplies when it is shared. Doing good to others is not a duty but a joy.
The Cultural day of Std-I was held in the Bianchi Hall on September 21, 2019. It was attended by the school management members and the parents of the students. The building looked resplendent and welcoming decorated with pretty flowers and drapes. The parents poured in eagerly to watch their little ones perform confidently on stage without any trace of stage fright. Each class put up an item or two relevant to the theme for the day, ‘Joy Multiplies When It is Shared.’ These items were meticulously planned well in advance by the teachers along with the Head Teacher. The children’s performance was astounding.
The Rector, Fr. Crispino D’Souza conveyed the message of spreading joy and holiness to the audience in his inspiring speech while the Principal Fr. Bernard Fernandes commended the Head teacher, staff, students and the parents for a well orchestrated performance. The parents appreciated the cultural day and the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
To quote Ruel Rodrigues of Std. I C, “We learnt the joy of giving through our Cultural Day in a fun way.”
This day was a perfect example of dedication and team work.

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