1 October, 2018
Cubs Camp

Mrs Geetanjali Agiwale

Cubs is the group that initiates students into scouting. It can be called the Junior equivalent of the scouting movement. Hence activities and norms of the Scouts are practiced on a smaller scale for the Cubs. Camping is an integral part of scouting alongside adventure and trekking. The cubs of our school were in store for one such program. Camping. On 27th September 2018 we had our cubs camp in our school gym. 44 cubs gathered in the hall for the camp that started at 9.30 am.

The renowned scout master Sir Kardak who helps us at these activities was there this time too as the resource person. We started with the sitting exercises, followed by marching. Later there was the handwriting competition for the Cubs. Sir Kardak then joined our camp and he started with the cub prayer. He taught the children, now already geared up for the excitement ahead, grand howl, dance and Cubs Song. Sir Kardak introduced to the young inquisitive students the different types of trekking signs and whistle sounds besides teaching them two popular camp songs. Interspersed were games – langadi and frog jump.

The program ended with the vote of thanks to Sir Kardak by Master Rodney on behalf of all the cubs. It was indeed a day well spent by the Cubs at the day’s Camp and they look forward to many interesting programs that would engage them actively in this adventurous movement.

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