20 March, 2017

-Lynette Remedios


Creativity Day was held on 18th March 2017. It was a unique event to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee celebration of the school that was organized by the Kg. section. The parents of the students of the Kg section were extended an invitation, and being a Saturday the turnout of our parents was excellent.

The day began with the Opening ceremony with the cutting of the ribbon by Fr. Rector in the presence of our Principal, staff, students and parents. A part of the undercroft was utilized for the event. Creative work done by the Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary sections was displayed at the exhibition.  The Jr. Kg students performed activities such as paper tearing and sticking, thumb printing and paper folding while Sr. Kg engaged in cotton dabbing, ear bud printing, best of waste, sponge dabbing, palm printing and spoon painting. The parents were excited with the engagement of their children in these activities, and were eager to help and capture these precious moments on their camera. Students from Stds I to IX who queued to view the exhibition also enjoyed the displays.

In the feedback to the staff, the parents were generous in praise for the day’s activity. Said Rishav Mitra (parent, Sr. Kg C), ‘I am so happy that our school has so innovative activities for our kids where they not only learn but also enjoy. Really fun-filled!”  Thanking the staff for this activity Johan (parent, Sr Kg A) wrote, “A very wonderful and encouraging way to make children aware of their talent and creativity. Thank you teachers and staff for taking effort.”


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