18 January, 2018

Creative Craft day Std I-IV

-Ms. Mohini Goshi


Art and craft help students give free expression to their feelings, give them pleasure and a sense of achievement. This subject makes one think out of the box and helps develop one’s creativity and strengthen motor skills. Keeping this in mind creative craft day for Stds III and IV was observed on 15th January 2018 and Std I and II on 16th January 2018.

Charts were displayed on the corridors in keeping with the theme. The three important activities that were carried out on the days of the competition were as follows.

  1. The students viewed creative craft videos.
  2. Craft articles were made by the children, under the guidance of the teacher.
  3. Paper folding competition was held on these days.

The students were given a theme much in advance and were asked to prepare for the same. They enjoyed making the paper folding article in class and displayed tremendous enthusiasm throughout the day. The best were awarded certificates.

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