20 November, 2019
-Mrs. Ruchika Bafna

Few activities come as naturally to young children as creative art. Whether your child’s medium is chalk on a sidewalk or folding a sheet or square of paper, he or she likely enjoys the act of creating art.

Art and Craft is especially an important outlet for children to communicate their feelings to translate thoughts and ideas into tangible things. To imbibe this into the children of the Primary Section in Don Bosco High School, Matunga, Creative Craft Day 2019-20, dedicated to craft work was celebrated on 18th and 19th November, 2019.

Topics for Std 1 were an Ice-cream in which the students were taught to paste colourful bindis on the ice cream sticks made of handmade cutout. This activity mainly focused on creating craft from best out of waste. The topic for Std 2 was creating an Animal bookmark which looked fascinating after the students glued googly eyes and created patches using sketch pen and cutouts. Std 3 made Tulips where the students were taught to fold semi-circle papers to create the flowers. Students also stuck handmade cutouts to enhance their creations. The topic for Std 4 was twine craft. The students patiently twined woollen thread with different colours on the circled cardboard. The students also participated in a Paper Folding Competition and created pretty flowers, beautiful birds, various animals and fascinating vehicles.The students used their imagination and artistic skills and drew beautiful backgrounds to enhance their origami. Students were also shown videos on craft to get a creative insight of this day. These activities helped the students to focus and concentrate, boost their confidence, enhance creativity, memory and visual learning.

“Being creative is not a hobby, it is a way of life.” The craft day was an initiative in this direction to bring the students closer to the artist in them. The children loved every moment of this day as they were able to communicate their feelings through the medium of craft and also improve and enhance their interest and explore through their visual analysis.

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