14 October, 2018
Creative Craft Day
-Ms. Kashmira Rodrigues

Art and Craft help to develop and nurture mental, physical and creative skills in a child. These promote beauty in our world and build an aesthetic sense in an individual. Craft makes children creative and strengthens their motor skills. It also helps to boost their self-confidence. Creative Craft Day is an opportunity provided to students to explore their innate talents. It was held for the students of Stds. I & II on 9 October and Std. III & IV on 10 October 2018.
Three important events were conducted on this day:
1. Paper Folding Competition
2. Making of a craft item-This was taught by Ms. Shahnaaz Abbas and Ms. Kashmira Rodrigues.
Std I-Cup cake Liner Octopus
Std II-Paper Cup Miniature Village
Std III-Bunnies using spoons
Std IV-Candle Holder using bangles
3. Viewing of Creative Craft videos by the children.
The children came well prepared for the competition and gave it their best shot. They enjoyed making the articles in class and were amazed at the videos shown to them. They displayed tremendous interest and enthusiasm throughout the day. They were happy to take home the craft item made by them in class. Indeed, it was a great learning experience for all.
In the feedback to the staff, the parents were generous in praise for the day’s activity. Said Mrs Hemangi Kotekar (parent, Std II) “I am so happy that our school has many innovative activities for our kids where they not only learn but also enjoy. Ms. Griselda Fernandes (Head Teacher) said,”A child’s concentration skills are also developed through listening to the teacher, learning to understand instructions and by focusing on the task at hand.”Thanking the staff for this activity Mrs. Sneha Kotkar (parent, Std II ) said, “It’s a wonderful and encouraging way to make children aware of their talent and creativity.” She thanked the teachers for all the efforts taken to make this day a memorable and enriching one for the children.

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