6 October, 2018
Creating peace through interfaith understanding
-Mr Rakesh Singh and Mrs. Elizabeth Soares

Every first Friday of the month is a day set aside in the school for mass and prayer-service. While the Christian students attend mass, the other students of the school gather together in prayer and reflection at a specially organized prayer-service in the school hall. On Fri. 5th Oct 2018, the students of Std. 9 F animated by their class teacher conducted a reflective prayer service on the theme ‘Creating peace through interfaith understanding’. This prayer service was attended by the students of Stds.7,8 and 9.
The flow of the prayer service allowed for meditation and serious contemplation on the richness provided in the scriptures of different religions. First there was the lighting of the lamp by our Rector, Fr. Crispino D’Souza which was followed by the reading of the extracts from the Bible and Quran that talk about peace. The boys explained the meaning of the prayer ‘Our Father’ and Gayatri mantra. Next, the scene from the war of Kalinga was depicted and the impact it had on Ashoka’s life. This was followed by the recital of prayers from Jainism, Budhism and Sikhism. The prayer service indicated beautifully that all religions lead us to the path of peace and happiness.
At the mass in the shrine that was attended by the Christian students and staff from the Secondary section of the school and DBIS the special theme reflected our devotion to the most Sacred heart of Jesus from whom we derive inspiration and help to live our daily lives. The main celebrant at mass was Fr. Vinod Mascarenhas, the Provincial Secretary, and he was joined by Fr Bernard Fernandes and Fr. Roy Noronha as concelebrants. Fr. Vinod celebrates the silver jubilee of his first religious profession this year, and the congregation felicitated him with a well scripted address and a bouquet. The highlight of the Eucharistic celebration was the good animated liturgy and the majestic singing by the school choir who train regularly under the guidance of Sir Sherone and Mrs. Daphne.
Each of us cherish these moments of prayer and reflection as they provide us the necessary spiritual strength and graces to face life’s situations with its ups and downs.

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