10 March, 2020
Corona Virus Awareness
Mrs. Shahnaaz Abbas

COVID-19 or Corona Virus as it is popularly known as has created a scare in the world and attracted vast media attention. The screaming newspaper headlines and hoardings tell us about its horrors and lack of cure. Before our students could become victims of rumour mongering and misinformation the Primary Section of Don Bosco High School Matunga conducted an awareness campaign on March 9, 2020.
The Head Teacher Mrs. Griselda Fernandes gave a Morning Talk in the Assembly on Corona Virus and what its effects. The teachers of every class showed their students a well prepared Power Point Presentation provided by the computer teachers and patiently explained each slide to the children. The origin of this virus, its transmission, its symptoms and its prevention were discussed in detail. Posters with pictorial information enlightening the students about the importance of personal hygiene, particularly the washing of our hands and the need to avoid crowded places to stop the spread of this virus were displayed prominently on the soft boards.
The teachers clarified the misconceptions about the virus among the students. As a result of this awareness created in school the students realised that Prevention is better than Cure. Our students are now in a better position to spread this message too.

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