24 January, 2020
Contentment is the key to Happiness
-Master Hridaan Badani 5D

Our class 5D assembly was held on 21st January,2020 the topic being ‚ÄúContentment is the key to happiness.”Standards 5 and 6 along with their class teachers and associate teachers were the audience for the assembly. Our class teacher Ms. Jancy accommodated the entire class in the day’s assembly.
The assembly began with the introduction of theme and its meaning. What does it mean to be content and happy? The assembly act comprised three scenes. The first scene enacted how a boy is happy despite of not having any branded things. The second was divided into two parts. The first part explained about two boys being worried about their father than their materialistic needs. The second part depicted a boy who was content with his life despite not having hands. He is grateful to God for what God has blessed him with. Scene three was all about a beggar who lived in the present and was not greedy.
The assembly ended with a loud applause from everyone for the well executed assembly, credit to our class teacher Ms.Jancy who trained us so well. “I enjoyed thoroughly as this is my first class assembly,” said Samarth Gupta, a student of the class.
Fr. Crispino D’Souza our Rector appreciated class 5D and the class teacher Ms Jancy for a wonderful assembly. Fr Crispino also made us understand the difference between our ‘wants’ and ‘needs.’ Fr Bernard Fernandes, our Principal applauded our class for a well staged assembly and asked us to be always thankful for what God has blessed us with.

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