25 February, 2108

Community Helpers Day

-Ms. Bianca Fernandes

Who are Community Helpers? What do they do? Why are they so important to the society that we live in? Why are they called Community Helpers? These are the few questions which our Jr Kg boys of Savio Kindergarten would definitely have received an answer when they celebrated the Community Helpers Day on 21 February 2018. It was a memorable and fun filled day where the boys came dressed as different community helpers. Some were dressed as policemen while others as lawyers, some as doctors while others as nurses, some as pilots while others as airhostesses, some as cobblers while others as carpenters, some as green grocers while others as florists. The list goes on. It was amazing to hear the boys speak about the profession and duty they represented.

The teachers of the Jr Kg had arranged personnel from various fields such as the medical field, the police force, the airport authorities to come and speak to the children about their respective professions. We also had some parents dressed up as fisherwomen, chefs, dress designers and they spoke to the children about these community helpers for a better understanding.

This event helped the children get a clear view and understanding of our interdependence on each other as a community and for the smooth functioning of the society we live in.

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