9 March, 2017

-Ms. Radha Ramakrishnan


The topic on community helpers is discussed at the lessons in the Jr. Kg. this month, and hence it was decided that we have a day to help the children realize the importance of community helpers in our daily lives besides correlating it to the topic taken up in class.

All the boys were asked to come dressed as different community helpers bringing along their respective tools. They were to say something about the community helper they represented. Some dressed up as traffic policemen, sweepers and milkmen, some as soldiers and farmers, some as postmen, tailors, grocers, still others as teachers, bus drivers etc. The boys came well prepared. Each one had something important to say about these helpers who make our lives a little more comfortable. Even parents were involved! Some of them came to talk about their work as community helpers. The boys listened and participated very well. It was a very productive day with the boys taking home an awareness of the importance and significance of community helpers to us.