Come pledge with us to keep our environment clean
Master Aldon D’Souza Std IX B

(An address by Alden to the staff and students at the morning school assembly on Wed 19th Sep 2018)

Clear skies. Blue Waters. Basking in the sun on a clean sand beach. Oh! What a feeling! Ouch! Stop Pinching. I’m just dreaming. I know, I am at Mahim beach and near the Arabian sea and not Ibiza near the Mediterranean sea., but we have a right to dream, don’t we?

Our nature club is doing just that, we are taking one step towards that reality.
Last year the nature club activity included a cleanliness drive at the Versova Beach in a joint venture with Mr. Afroz Shah and his team. The beach cleanliness campaign did not end there.

This academic year we joined hands with the ‘Mahim Beach Organization’ on World Clean up day (15th September 2018) and our boys put their hands to the dirt once again. It was a tough job, but so was our spirit. Sweat poured down on our bodies but it definitely did not dampen our spirits. We worked as a team and after the cleaning was over, we just sat back and relaxed on the beach and our hearts swelled with pride looking around at the clean sand.

This organization organizes the drive on a bi-monthly basis and we need more of our young Boscoites to join us to “Dare the dream”. We are the ones to set an example to the rest. So, our Nature Club urges you all to face reality and pledge ourselves to help us continue doing the tasks undertaken by us. We will make all our dreams come true.