25 August, 2019
Colouring Competition to nurture creativity
-Rytika Pereira

To showcase creative talents and skills, colouring competition was held for the children of the pre primary section on 23rd August,2019. The Jr Kg boys coloured a picture of a tooth brush and tooth paste while the Sr.Kg boys painted a picture of natural scenery. The boys used all their colouring techniques such as colouring within the boundaries, filling the picture, using different colours and so on. They were given time limit for completion of task and this enhanced their focus, concentration, eye hand coordination and vision. Colouring allows building of fine motor skills, increase of attention span, reducing anxiety and a replacement for fun and pleasure.
The children took pride in their work and admired their own created master pieces and this boosted their self-esteem and confidence. Ten best colouring were short listed in each class and among them those who excelled were awarded with a certificate as a token of appreciation. At the end of the competition, the boys perceived that for their age colouring was a better option for getting away from technology.

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