9 October, 2018

Colouring Competition at Savio Kindergarten
-Ms. Blanche D’Souza

In the words of Paul Klee,”Colour is the place where our brain and the universe meet.” We at the Dominic Savio Kindergarten wished to provide our students an ambience and opportunity to experience at play with colour. In this regard, a colouring competition was held on 29th August, 2018 for our children, and the students of Savio Kindergarten participated in it whole-heartedly. The enthusiastic Picasso’s of Savio Kindergarten were excited to paint their world on a canvas. The boys of Jr.Kg were provided with a worksheet with an image of a yacht that they had to colour, while the boys of Sr.Kg coloured a basketful of various fruits.
This hands on and effective activity provided the students the thrills and importance of colours, and beauty of art.

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