25, August, 2018
Climate Change Is Real-Get Started And Care….
-Ms Elizabeth Soares

24th August 2018 marked the beginning of the House Day celebrations in the school. The themes for these days reflect the present world scenario and the need for us to speed up our efforts in addressing these challenges. The Yellow house initiated the proceedings with a well conceived plan to present the theme ‘Climate change’. The house members made a conscious effort to draw our attention to the need to realize that our environment is our responsibility and we need to take care of it by becoming more observant to the signs of the time. One of the most telling signs is that of climate change.
At the morning assembly, the house representatives invited one and all to this awareness through a dialogue between three generations-the grand father, father and son. Each one shared their views on climate change and the factors that bring about such a change viz. human actions through ignorance, demands for modern comforts at the cost of the environment… Concrete solutions were also discussed. The dialogue was followed by the rendition of a beautiful song on the need to save the environment.
The entire school community was then invited to take a pledge to be aware of the damage caused to the environment and to strive together reduce the carbon footprints by taking control of our lavish lifestyle. The framed pledge was handed over to the Principal for display in the school that would serve as a reminder of the promise made.
The students were thereafter invited to watch the PPT presentation and video on the theme ‘Climate Change’ in their respective classrooms. The colourful and informative charts that were displayed in the corridor helped spread the awareness on the theme. A striking feature of the day’s program was the depiction of the scene surrounding the environment- the yellow house boys dressed as farmers, clouds, raindrops and the sun. It made the day’s theme more existent.
Caring for our environment is our responsibility and the Yellow House brought closer home the imminent dangers of climate change that needs our utmost thought and attention.

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