24 July, 2016
– Ms. Sandra Alphonso
Clealiness02 Clealiness01
To coincide with the topic ‘Cleanliness in our surroundings’, the boys of SrKG celebrated ‘Cleanliness Day’ on 22nd July, 2016. To begin with, a story on cleanliness was narrated to the boys. The boys were then asked to speak three sentences on cleanliness- cleanliness in school, playground, house, kitchen, colony, roads, railway station, public transport – metro, train, bus, beach, park, malls, market, fish market, hospital and zoo.  Some spoke on dengue – its causes and consequences. They gave an enriching information on each topic. Some spoke about ‘Swatch Bharat ”  giving an insight into the nation-wide cleanliness drive. This boosted their self confidence, while their linguistic and cognitive levels were enhanced.
‘Practise what you preach’, and so our boys marched to the gym and quadrangle where they picked up litters and threw it in the waste bin, thus gaining a first hand experience of maintaining cleanliness. They recited rhymes, sang songs and played games on cleanliness. At the end of the enriching experience, the boys went home taking with them rich information and experience of beauty and good habits.