17 July, 2016

– Ms. Vailena Dsouza & Ms. Sarra Mullick

PrimaryClayModellingStd3and401 PrimaryClayModellingStd3and402

The students of Std III and IV of Don Bosco High School,  Matunga, celebrated Clay Modelling Competition on 16th July, 2016. This competition was held to help give children artistic expression to their creativity.

Topics – Std III – Fish Tank or Animal Kingdom

Std IV –  Any story from Aesop’s  Fables

The students were given the topic and rules for the competition almost a fortnight in advance so as to give them ample time to practice. They were also instructed to bring all the material needed from home. On the day of the competition, the children worked enthusiastically and excitedly, creating and moulding the models of various animals and artefacts required to depict their story/chosen topic. The ten best models were then selected by the respective class teacher and judged by three judges. Later the winners were acclaimed by thunderous applause and cheer by the staff and students.