11 September, 2018
Clay Modelling Competition-Stds 1 and 2
Ms. Mohini Goshi and Ms.Tejal Masmar

It is rightly said, “Clay can be dirt in the wrong hands, but clay can be art in the right hands”Lupita Nyong’o. Art is a form of a creative expression and tool in the hands of an artist; education is a means to identify this artist and his expression. Ample opportunities are provided in our school to our students to unearth the potential within and discover themselves. One such activity was clay modelling competition on 10th September, 2018 for Stds. I and 2. This competition was held to help children enhance the skills of finger dexterity, creativity, imagination and handling apparatus.
The students were prepared for this day through the topic and rules for the competition that were provided to them almost a fortnight in advance. This gave the children ample time to research and rehearse. The students were also instructed to bring along the materials needed from home for the day’s class activity.
On the day of the competition, there was a ripple of enthusiasm and excitement as the children got underway to create and mould the models of various homes of animals, different types of animals and different seasons. The students enjoyed the activity. The ten best models were selected by the respective class teacher and judged by the three judges. Later the winners received certificates and were acclaimed by the staff and students for their creativity and excellence.