28 JUNE, 2016

– Ms. Marossa Fernandes


Assembly-Marossa28june03 Assembly-Marossa28june07

The first assembly of the academic year 2016-17 was conducted by the students of class 7A on 28th June 2016. The assembly which focussed on the virtue of obedience aimed to elicit the importance of being obedient. The assembly began with the meditation conducted by the class teacher Ms. Marossa Fernandes who made the students reflect on moments when they disobey others around them knowingly or unknowingly.

The skit presented at the assembly made the students realize the importance of being obedient not only because it is expected of them but because it ought to be very much a part of them. The students of class 7 A took a pledge to obey promptly and cheerfully.

The simple and neat backdrop which read “Don Bosco lives on… when we obey”, prepared by the students spoke much of their commitment and involvement in the assembly. The assembly concluded with the Principal, Fr. Bernard Fernandes addressing the students on the need of this virtue of obedience so very much taught and practised by Don Bosco.