6 March, 2017

-Ms. Pauline Vallado

The students of Std IX D, under the guidance of their class teacher, presented their class Assembly on Wednesday, March 1, 2017, on the theme of Self-Respect.
The unfolding of the script: Don Bosco watches over his boys from heaven and with his choir ensemble sings the praises of his boys living good and happy lives thereby enabling his legacy to live on. However the devils scoff at Don Bosco. They insist that his boys are selfish little rogues who are constantly fighting at Don Bosco, Matunga. Students in Don Bosco are bickering and squabbling constantly. Don Bosco gently corrects them advising them that strong men always walk away from a fight. The boys calm down and vow to change their ways.
During the recess, the boys are wasting their tiffin and fighting over food. Some boys decide to vandalise a tree and steal eggs from a bird’s nest. When a little lad tries to defend the birds, bigger boys begin to beat and bully him. Don Bosco appears and gently admonishes the boys.  The boys see the wisdom of his ways and pledge to respect themselves, each other and all God’s creatures. The choir then sings joyfully the lasting impression Don Bosco has made on his boys.

The Assembly closed with an Intercessory Prayer service after which the student choir chanted the finale on the day’s theme of respect.
This Assembly strove to instill the value of Self-Respect in our boys which would naturally lead them to respect their elders and peers. The boys played their roles to perfection and gave a fantastic performance.