-Ms. Bindu Keny
assembly9a-09 assembly9a-16
The assembly by the students of Std. 9 A under the guidance of their class teacher gave a glimpse of perpetuation of one of Don Bosco’s pillars of education – loving kindness. The presentation revolved around the Salesian institutions in Kerala with the Thiruvananthapuram Don Bosco Veedu Society as the pivotal point.
The live background music on the guitar by one of the students provided the soulful ambience for the presentation of the theme at the assembly.The story of Ashok who led a miserable life until he was offered a secure life in the Thiruvananthapuram Don Bosco Veedu Society was depicted through an act. The fact that Ashok took up the mission of developing this society and brought smiles on the faces of the homeless was intended to awaken the ‘serving’ instincts in students. A pledge by the class 9 A students to practice loving kindness followed by animated meditation by the class teacher invoking Don Bosco’s blessings brought the assembly to a close.
In his talk, Fr. Rector emphasized  the contrasting situations that life presents as was seen in the life of Ashok from our story. Fr.Principal appreciated the musical talent and the richness of the content presented.