23 January, 2017

-Mr. Rakeshkumar Singh


Class 8 C proudly presented their assembly depicting the life of Fr. Aurelius Maschio. They showed how Fr. Maschio even after being born in one of the wealthiest families aspired to become a priest. He was very kind and generous from a very young age. His wish to become a priest was a wish that was filled with hardships and sacrifice. Fr. Maschio was undeterred by all this. He was sent to India. He came here with the hope that he could help the poor and needy. He did not want the rich life of a prince but, instead he wanted others to have the same facilities as everyone. He was a great inspiration to many young priests who aspired to become like him. He was a great person who had a fixed time-table. He lived a disciplined life. He did his work in the given time and rarely had to make haste to complete his task. He was the pillar of our school and a source of inspiration to many. All of us ought to learn from Fr. Maschio to live a disciplined life and to be kind and generous. He was and still is the ambassador of Don Bosco High School Matunga. We should always remember Fr. Aurelius Maschio and his remarkable work for the making of our school. This was a very important assembly for all of us especially Boscoites since history beckons us this year as we celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of the school, and Fr. Maschio stands tall in its rich tradition.