24 September, 2017

Class 6 A Assembly

-Ms. Selma Gonsalves

Class  6 A  assembly was held on 19th September 2017 . The theme of the class assembly was “A Facilitator in need and in deed.“ The assembly began with meditation for children conducted by Ms. Elizabeth where she asked the children to relax and calm themselves, and then led them into a reflection on life’s blessings and gifts. Thereafter, Class 6 A students, Jasraj Singh and Pehzan  Motaframe spoke about the importance of yoga. The assembly of the day was to highlight the importance of a teacher in a student’s life, where the teacher is a facilitator for the child to help him gain knowledge and be a good citizen.

After the assembly, in his talk, Rev. Fr. Rector explained to the children the importance of a teacher today giving examples of his past experience . He spoke of teachers of ancient times where the gurus were treated and respected as God’s men and followers, and that we too need to do the same.  In conclusion, Rev. Fr. Principal thanked the 6 A class teacher and the students for paving the way to think differently about teachers in today.

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