30 January, 2019
Clash of Pi contest draws to a close at India level
-Ms. Vijaylakshmi & Sir Nelson D’Souza

With the completion of Series 3 of the Clash of Pi all India Maths examination the contest comes to a close at the national level. It now moves on to the Global Mathematics circuit that includes countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong and the Middle East.
We congratulate the prize winners at the Grand Finale of Series 3 Clash of Pi All India Mathematics contest.
Master Mohit Sai Boyana (Grade 6) placed in the 90th percentile in India.
Top performers for the school team:
1.Master Sahil Jagtap (Grade 10)
2.Ashuthosh Balla (Grade 10)
3.Rishit Makker (Grade 10)
4.Aadit Mascarenhas (Grade 7)
5.Aman Agrawal (Grade 6)

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