CHRISTMAS PANOROMA DAY TWO -Celebrations in Stds. 5 and 6
-Mrs. Pallavi Shah

Technology has offered us a lifeline this year. We could sense that we were growing strong with the Christmas spirit and have become stronger virtually. The very best example was the much awaited event of the year -Christmas Panaroma 2020 which concluded today with joy rebuilding the fragile world of today with words of kindness and love in action.
The day began with the morning prayer followed with the presentation of the Christmas skit by Std 8 C that extended the call to give our hearts and reach out to one another so that we could experience the love, peace, hope and joy that the birth of Jesus brings along.
Our Rector, Fr. Crispino D’souza gave the meaningful Christmas message and he said that the pandemic has made us realize that Jesus is the centre of Christmas. It has helped us to spend quality time with our families. It is all about caring and sharing and calls us to reach out to the less fortunate.
The school band rendition was very captivating and helped us realize that we are very much close to the Christmas season.
The creative Christmas cribs by all the boys showcased the joy and love that makes the birth of Jesus so very special and peaceful. The Bollywood and free style dance also showcased the talents of students who love to groove to music and dance. The online games once again succeeded in keeping our students joyfully occupied. The school eagerly watched the Bosco King event all through the six rounds for the event.
Lastly, the day concluded with the beautiful message from our Principal Fr. Bernard Fernandes. He said that Christmas was a birthday story that speaks about the faith and trust in the will of God. Life is indeed the moments lived with deep meaning with the call to reach out in love and service. Fr. Principal invited everyone to experience the richness of life this Christmas.

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