15 March, 2019
Choral Recitation Competition-Stds 3 and 4
-Ms. Jeneta Rathinam

“Poetry is a language at its most distilled and most powerful” – Rita Dove.
Students of Stds 3 and 4 expressed themselves in a systematic and well synchronized manner at the Choral Recitation competition held on March 13, 2019 in the Bianchi Hall, Don Bosco Primary School, Matunga.The poems were selected by the teachers well in advance. The students were trained to recite the poem with facial expressions, voice modulation, diction and intonation.
The three eminent judges who judged the competition were Mrs. Sandra D’Silva, Mrs. Ranjini Sridhar and Mrs. Beatrice Pinto. They were welcomed and introduced to our students. Every class recited the poem according to the set criteria for judging and each of the class gave their best performance. The judges had great difficulty in choosing the best class. Std 3 B and Std 4 C were declared the winners. Mrs. Griselda Fernandes, our head teacher gave away the certificates.
“I feel very happy as we won the competition” says Gnana Praison, a student who was the winner of class 3B. Overall, it was a good learning experience for our boys and staff.

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