19 February, 2018

Celebrating uniformed services day in school

-Mr. Rakesh Singh, Mr. Manoj Koli, Mr. Sham Pawar and Ms. Karuna Dadipogu

12th Feb 2018 was a day to be at Bosco’s, especially if one enjoys adventure, trekking, outdoor activities and challenges. For it was a day celebrated by our uniformed troops – NCC, Scouts, RSP and Cubs. It is a day marked on our school calendar and set aside for their annual day celebrations.

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is an organisation which imparts skills and training in handling of weapons of different types, and makes the cadets physically tough to face hardships better. The NCC mainly aims to develop the character and personality of the youth and transform them into responsible citizens. During the NCC day, the cadets displayed the ship and gun models, informative charts on the Indian Navy, and flags indicating ship to ship communication symbols. They also imparted valuable information on the N.C.C. as a door opener to the armed forces.  The school children from the Primary and the Secondary got a chance to visit the exhibits during school hours and learn something more about these activities happening in the school. Officers of Indian Navy visited the exhibition and were much impressed by the exhibits displayed by the cadets on the school hockey ground.

Our Scouts’ troop is an enthusiastic lot. The scouts have done the school proud by winning prizes at the GROMO and are now looking forward to the forthcoming Boscoree to be held in December 2018 at Nashik. For their annual day celebrations, the Scouts decorated the area with charts on scouting and also displayed a few accolades that they received at various interschool events. They constructed a Watchtower and a Monkey Bridge and also pitched a tent. A few scouts explained the history of scouting to the staff and students who visited the site and demonstrated the use of different types of stretchers in emergency, best out of waste articles and so on. A real life campsite scene was erected by scouts so that visitors would get a real life experience about the activities held in scouting. Students from the Primary and Secondary sections came in batches to see the exhibits put up by the scouts. Fr. Rector, Fr. Principal, Fr. Vice Principal and staff also visited the exhibition.

The RSP cadet boys of the school also made the day a memorable one. They displayed charts and demonstrated the various norms of obeying the traffic signals. This activity showed how nuisance could be avoided and the people could enjoy the fruits of a disciplined behaviour and happy environment.

The following things were presented by RSP cadets:

Charts on Traffic signals, RSP history, traffic rules and regulations, traffic penalties etc.

Charts and models of vehicle documents to show their importance.

A small demo to show the importance of helmet while driving.

Students explained the functions of toolbox, First-Aid box, Emergency AIR bag, car windows glass breaker, seatbelt, hand brake etc. with the help of four wheeler vehicle that was on display.

The information proved to be an eye opener for all.

The junior section of the Scouts’ movement viz. the Cubs too celebrated their day in order to enhance their skills and heighten their duties and activities. Students of Std 7 showcased few of the cubs’ duties and responsibilities by visiting the students of Std 5 and Std 6. The cubs explained the history of the movement by displaying charts of the same. They demonstrated to the young students the use of the cubs’ knots and whistles and made them understand the importance of these in our day to day situations.

The day’s activities and enthusiastic response from the audience and the troops themselves provided the necessary fillip to widen the scope and raise the bar of these significant activities in the school.