27 January, 2019
Celebrating Savitribai Phule
-Mrs Elizabeth Soares &Ms Jancy Dharamraj

Savitribai Phule-a woman activist in the forefront of women’s struggle activities-was the focus of a 3-days activity in the Secondary section of the school beginning from 17th January, 2020. The theme was ‘Save the girl child, teach the girl child.’
The activities for standards 5 to 8 included the collection of pictures and information on Savitribai Phule’s contribution to women’s development. This was initiated by the teachers teaching Social Studies. There were assembly talks on the life of Savitribhai Phule, video presentations, display of charts and rangoli.
On three days of the celebration, the corridors had display of charts with quotes and pictures prepared by students centred on the theme, ‘Save the girl child and teach the girl child.’ The classroom display boards had Art sheets prepared on Savitirbhai Phule with the same theme.
On the first day, our teacher Mrs. Hemangi delivered a welcome talk in Marathi over the intercom on Savitirbhai Phule and the theme -Save the girl child and teach the girl child. She introduced the students of the school to Savitribhai Phule, her life and her works, and communicated the programme planned to celebrate Savitribhai Phule.
On the second day of the celebration, there was the elocution for the stsudents in all three languages English/Hindi/Marathi in their respective classes on the theme- Save the girl child and teach the girl child. The staff followed the saree dress code in order to celebrate this great educator who is a source of inspiration to all women and the girl child today.
The day three programme on 22nd January, 2020 began with colour, creativity and art through the Rangoli Competition. The students from Stds:7 and 8 created colourful displays with colours through their own creativity based on the theme-Save and teach the girl child. We wrapped up the celebration with a quiz based on Savitirbhai Phule conducted by Social Studies teachers in their respective classrooms.
The celebration was meaningful and a truly learning experience for the organizers as well as the students who were a part of this enriching exercise.

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