16 October, 2018
Celebrating Dr. Abdul Kalam’s birth anniversary
-Hrishikesh Nayak (8A)

15th October is celebrated as A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s birth anniversary. Our school had varied activities chalked out to celebrate this occasion, especially during our English classes. There was a video of A.P.J Abdul Kalam that was shown to the students in their classrooms. This video gave us a life lesson on how to manage failure. Abdul Kalam was delivering a speech in Dhirubhai Ambani school, where he shared his experiences with the bystanders. While narrating his experiences he briefly told the assembly about one of his failures. He said that he was given a task, a task to establish a satellite in the orbit. His entire team worked day and night to assemble this satellite. After some days the launch date was announced and Abdul Kalam with his team were sanguine. On the day of the launch when the computer analyzed the satellite a few technical problems were detected and it was relayed that the satellite could not be launched. However some experts recommended A.P.J Abdul Kalam to launch the satellite and the satellite was sent into orbit. It went well in the first stage, but in the second stage the satellite started to spin, and the satellite flew towards Bengal. Instantly a press conference was held. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam was nervous, but after some time he got a call from the chairman that he will be present for the press and that Kalam need not attend. Sir Abdul Kalam was taken aback, and he told the audience that it was due to the chairman’s positive and determined attitude that he was not discouraged. After one complete year the satellite was re-launched and this time it was successful. Again there was a call from the chairman and this time the chairman told Sir A.P.J Abdul Kalam to attend the press conference. Dr. Kalam told the students that such instances also come in our lives where we face failure but we should never give up. Also when we work as a team we should never play a blame game. If the team faces failure the whole team is responsible and accountable.
During the day, there were other related activities happening in the classrooms, one of which was the reading of the special student edition of the Hindu on 15th Oct that was specially dedicated to the memory of Dr. Abdul Kalam.
May we all grow to be architects of wisdom and strong character just as Dr. Abdul Kalam was!

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