19 November, 2016

-Ms. Alareen Fernandes & Ms.Lynette Remedios

18nov010 18nov014

Children’s Day is a day to recognize that children are important and valued members of the society. It’s a day to celebrate children just for being themselves, a day to listen to them, to marvel at their uniqueness and all they have to offer. Most importantly, it is a reminder that children need love and respect to grow to their full potential. To imbibe these values, Children’s day was celebrated on 18th November for the students of the Primary and the Kg sections of the school with much fanfare.

The children were told the importance of this day (14th Nov), it being the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was very fond of children who in turn fondly called him chacha.  Besides the chocolates, the children got to relish a well executed magic show. The teachers too danced and sang for them. The children had a lovely time playing games in their classrooms and engaging in the activity worksheets. They wore beaming smiles right through the day, for after all it was their BIG day!