28 July, 2018
Celebrating a revered Guru – student bond

Master Ravin Shah 10 E

Gurus are real people in our life who give us motivation to challenge ourselves and get up again. Guru is the CREATOR, PRESERVER, the absolute Lord himself. Guru Purnima is the occasion to celebrate the bond between a Guru and a student. The Student Council of Don Bosco High School Matunga took the initiative to celebrate Guru Purnima to felicitate the staff for their hard work and committed service. The boards were decorated for the occasion and an artistic rangoli prepared outside the Principal’s office.
At the morning assembly, Mrs. Hemangi Sawant gave a thoughtful speech on the significance of Guru Purnima. She began her speech with a beautiful Marathi poem that described the relation between a Guru and a student. As the Red House Captain of the school and representing the Student Council, I was presented the opportunity to speak on the importance of a Guru in the life of a student.
In a magnanimous gesture the student council distributed key chains to every staff member (teaching and non teaching) with their names inscribed as a token of appreciation and gratitude. We feel happy to have made the day an amazing and a memorable day for all our teachers. We are blessed to have such great teachers or Gurus in our lives and we will strive hard to preserve this revered bond of Guru/Disciple.