21 November, 2019
Celebrating a Pollution Free Diwali-a survey
Ms. Yugandhara Kaskar and Mrs. Sonali D’Silva

The Nature Club of Don Bosco High School, Matunga unified their efforts to create awareness about celebrating an Eco-Friendly Diwali. The students incorporated various activities i.e. conducting a survey, general instructions in and around the school campus and monitoring the change in climate pre and post Diwali celebrations.
The students enthusiastically participated in this project by the Nature Club; initially the students went around the campus urging people to give their opinions on how they would celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali. The students clicked pictures of Diwali celebrations at different places that included mishaps leading from misuse of fire, Cracker stalls, morning smog and people bursting crackers at length. A survey was conducted with basic questions and was circulated to all the school students via Google. It was a salutary gesture by the students of Nature Club to sensitize the people towards a Green Diwali.
We bring you a collated feedback from the parents, students and teachers to reduce pollution during Diwali:
Not bursting crackers and using public transport instead of our own vehicles
Recycling the waste
Cleaning our street during Diwali because our earth is also our home ‘ Save the earth from pollution’
Using Eco-friendly sources like divas. Bursting smokeless and noiseless crackers.
Making people aware about the ill effects of pollution created by bursting crackers
Using recycled material to prepare Diwali lanterns.
Increasing the amount of plantation of trees so that the CO2 is converted into O2.
Celebrating with those who are financially weak.
Using eco-friendly materials for decorations and generating less waste
Using battery operated lights to save electricity and utilizing old traditional lanterns.
Opting for homemade wax candles.
Investing in family time and not in fire crackers.
Staying away from burning plastic as it pollutes the environment.
Stop bursting crackers on roads, instead celebrate Diwali with needy people and spread joy everywhere.
By restricting the sale of fire crackers and encouraging electrical lights to a greater extent.

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