9 August, 2019
Career Guidance Meeting
Mrs. Sonali D silva

The future depends on what you do today-Mahatma Gandhi

On Aug 2nd 2019, Ms. Raquel, the CEO of Mykensho met the parent representatives and teachers associated with the Mykensho programme. Also present were the heads and supervisors of Don Bosco High School, Matunga. At the interaction, Ms. Raquel spoke about the changing world of work which will impact the future generations to a great extent. She believes that career education is a structure that has to embed itself in the school system and make the students aware about the changes in the work scenarios all over the world. Students need to be taught skills such as making decisions and increasing their employability skills. A video was shown on how few years from now many of the lucrative professions may not even exist. It was elucidated that marks are just a filtering mechanism, and for that our students need to imbibe values like teamwork, organizational skills, problem solving skill etc.
Students need to be convinced that each subject they learn in school has a skill set. Parents in their own way can help the child discover himself and help them to create a future of their own. In this generation the students need to develop skills like creativity, empathy, readiness to face and resolve conflict, negotiation and handle their own emotions. The Mykensho report card is a life report card for understanding the importance of child acquiring life skills and developing a firm personality of his own. Mykensho is a structured way to arrive at decisions based on the answers given by the students.
It was mentioned that the present standard X is the first batch in the school to complete the four year programme by Mykensho. The school principal Fr. Bernard Fernandes asked the team to give a four year comprehensive report to the parents which highlights the abilities and skills of the students. He also spoke about the minimal involvement of the parents since the inception of the programme which was a cause of concern. Ms.Raquel stressed the need of parent login which was essential for parental involvement in this programme.
At the end of her inputs, Ms.Raquel requested the parents to share their experiences or challenges they face in the Mykensho journey. Ms. Kritika had a presentation for the parents that explained various topics about the student’s cumulative record. It was decided that the parent representatives along with the facilitators would help create awareness about career guidance among the other parents and make known to them the steps and procedure for parents login to the portal. This would also be communicated via the school app.
This interaction with Ms. Raquel proved to be a small yet significant step to take the MyKensho programme closer home to the parents for greater scope and effectivity.

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