20 December, 2018
-Ms Jeneta Rathinam

The quote “Take care of your teeth and they will take care of you” lays stress on our oral health. Teachers of Don Bosco Primary school organized ‘Keep Smiling Day’ on December 15, 2018 to create awareness of Dental hygiene among children of Std 3.
Miss Jeneta warmly welcomed Dr.Pranali, the resource person, with a short introduction. Dr.Pranali enlightened the kids on the importance of dental care. She created an interesting and enthusiastic environment with her captivating speech and health care tips. The children were actively engaged throughout the programme and they received important tips to take care of their own teeth. The boards in the classrooms and corridors were decorated with charts that helped the children in acquisition of knowledge.
“I like brushing my teeth twice a day” says Vedant Kadam, student of std 3 with a broad smile.
A healthy smile can be a great asset indeed!

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