20 November, 2018
Camp Dhamaka at Kharjat
-Troupe reporters

It was a welcome break for the four uniformed troupes of the school-RSP, NCC, Scouts and cubs-post the first term exams with an overnight camp organized for them on the green hills of Kharjat. The camp is an annual feature for the troupes with the NCC joining the others this year. Over 220 members of the 4 clubs along with their teachers and masters came together for this camp. The RSP, NCC and Scouts left on 1st November afternoon, and they were joined by the cubs on 2nd November morning. With their base at Pinewood resort, the campers had their fill of thrills, skills, treks, swim, meals, games and adventure sports.

For the scouts, RSP and cubs there were sessions on knots, first aid, adventure sports as rock climbing, etc. besides group games, trek to Kondhana caves, flag hoisting, and a grand camp fire.
The NCC troupe had disciplined sessions on yoga, group discussions on cleanliness, environmental degradation and addiction to social media, group games and a challenging climb to Kotligad fort (3100 ft), besides room inspection.

It was a camp filled with thrills and skills, and mention needs to be made of our staff and the school management who made this camp possible for us. The staff at the camp-site and the leaders did a commendable job in the organization of the camp and ensuring the safety of the children. Our evergreen retired NCC master Sir Shukla was the dependable resource person at the treks during the camp days besides the organizing team at the Pinewood resort. All the troupes returned to school (and home) on 3rd November evening. We carry with us happy memories of this camp and we are positive that this will enrich us in our association further with our respective troupes.