11 September, 2018
Grow in God’s way
-by Ms JansiDharamraj

The retreat for standard 6 was held on 10th September, 2018, in the conference hall of Don Bosco High School, Matunga. The Catholic boys from standard 6 along with their teacher Miss Jansi attended the programme. The recollection focused on knowing oneself better in Christ and encouraging others.
Miss Jansi introduced the speaker of the day-Father Merwyn D’Souza, a priest from Our Lady of Fatima Church, Sewri. This was followed by a short prayer. The recollection started with a relaxing meditation that led the boys to calm themselves and be prepared to receive insights willingly.
Father Merwyn D’souza conducted an activity with beads, where the boys had to collect as many beads as possible to win the game. The boys moved with enthusiasm to collect the beads. This activity helped the boys realize that there will be only one winner in a competition—for one has to finish the race called life with faith so as to receive the crown of eternal life from God (2 Timothy 4:7).
The boys were asked to answer two questions, namely, Who am I? and What are the five good qualities I have? The boys put on their thinking caps and started filling up their personal responses. This exercise helped students understand that each one is unique and gifted with special talents by our Lord and that we need to put those talents to use to help our fellowmen by encouraging them to be better individuals.
After a short break, the boys were divided into two groups and were given two balloons each, and a bucket was placed at the end of each group. The first team that laid the balloon in the bucket won the contest. This game taught the boys the importance of listening and team work.
Later, the students were asked to exchange their books with their partners and the partner wrote something good about them. The boys were encouraged to read the heartfelt comments written by their friends.
“I was very happy to see the comments that I received; my joy knew no bounds, thank you, friends”, a student expressed his gratitude. The recollection came to a close with Rodney, a student of Std. thanking Father Merwyn D’souza for the wonderful recollection. “It was a beautiful experience to be with the boys and thanks for this opportunity!” said Father Merwyn D’souza. Surely, the seeds of faith and virtues are sown in the young fertile hearts. Let us pray that the Gardener of our souls brings to life those seeds and there will be more blossoms from Don Bosco High School spreading the fragrance of Christ.

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