21 July,2020
Broadening insight by visiting schools-Sr KG (Virtual) Field trip
-Ms. Quency Lobo

The word SCHOOL stands for-

And we the teachers wanted to enlighten our kids on this aspect. Hence we decided to take them on a virtual field trip to some schools to give them an experience which they would have had if the school was on.
It is our firm belief that Field trips provide children with unique opportunities for kinesthetic learning outside the standard educational environment. Their experiences create synaptic connections that build cognitive, social, and emotional structures that serve as the foundation for their progress in life.
In the context of the topic of ‘My School’ learned this month and to explore the schools in the vicinity, a virtual field trip was arranged for the Sr.KG. boys, namely-Visit the different schools on 20th July 2020.
Last year’s memories were brought alive as the teachers relived the days the boys went on their Jr KG trips and so the day began with a small prayer followed by a song, ‘My school’. The teacher virtually took the boys merrily singing on their journey to visit the different schools. First, they visited St. Joseph’s High School, Wadala where they saw the entrance, school building, hall, play area, and the KG section. Moving from there they visited Auxilium Convent High School, Wadala, where they saw girls studying in that school. Thereafter, it was Canossa High School, Mahim. From there they came back to their very own campus and first visited the Don Bosco International School, where boys and girls study together. Displaying the pictures of different schools the teacher threw light on the importance of having a playground, park, auditorium, different classes such as activity class, dance class, etc. in the school. The boys were also made aware of the different types of schools like a boy’s school, girl’s school, and co-ed school.
Oh, how their faces lit up when they reached their own school (DB Matunga) premises-the entrance, the church, the school building, the basketball court, the turf, the KG corridors, their classroom, the KG play area really made them recollect memories of the past year which you could tell by their facial expressions.

Thus the day provided students with a new opportunity for learning through the information that was presented in a way that meets different learning modalities. All the children actively participated and enjoyed their virtual field trip which ended with a song, ‘I love my school’.
In messages received from the parents who accompanied their children for the Google Meet, there was wonder and amazement at the teachers’ creativity in organizing a virtual field trip.
The parents of Jordan Fernandes, Sr KG A, expressed themselves through this note, “Thank you Madam for your efforts in organizing this virtual Field trip. Keeping it very informative and interesting with your enthusiasm. Well done to the entire staff. Kudos!!!’
The parent of Jayden Fernandes, Sr Kg B, couldn’t her excitement through an instant note to the staff, “Thank you Teacher for this wonderful school trip. The session was very lively and creative with the action song and pictures. Children got to learn about different co-ed, boys and girls schools. Thanks a lot, teacher for arranging this trip for our children and making it fun, joyful and a learning experience in spite of the lockdown.”
“It was so much fun to watch. We all parents enjoyed a lot with you all teachers and kids. Thank you so much” were the sentiments expressed by the parent’s of Viransh Ramgundam of Sr Kg C
Truly it could not have been a better day!

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