21 January, 2019

Bringing back the values of yesteryears
-Mrs. Gracy Gonsalves

A life of new prospects’ was the theme of the assembly conducted by the students of Std 8 C on Wed 16th Jan 2019. A well scripted skit was ably enacted by the students under the direction of their class teacher. The assembly stressed the importance of neighbours and our responsibility as individuals towards the society.
A few points were up for reflection for the audience in the course of the assembly. Where has all the joy, charm and fellowship of living together in a neighourhood disappeared? Without doubt, we are caught in a world of mobile and technology. The program helped us focus on stark reality faced by us today – a world devoid of close bonds and innocent laughter. But we can come back …provided we are determined and focused.
The Principal Fr. Bernard Fernandes in his speech reiterated the basic message of the day while outlining the summary of the script. He stressed the role of every individual in the society we live in. Fr. Bernard invited the students and the staff to deliberate further on the excessive use of gadgets and technology – if we are not careful, we will be slaves to these. We need to refocus our energies on values and people that really matter viz. our neighbours, family and friends, that need to occupy the prime spaces of our personal lives.

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