22 July, 2019
Breathe free!
-Ms. Tasneem Jumai

“Clean air is out right and our responsibility”.

Akin to the theme taken up by the Green Line this year, the pre-primary section conducted a session on 20th July 2019 to create awareness on air pollution and its causes amongst the children. To make it facile for the little boys the teachers helped them to comprehend the topic with a video and gave them hands on experience where the boys were given a worksheet to identify the causes of air pollution. It was noteworthy that boys also came up with their own experiences of the different types of pollution they observe in their surroundings. The objective of the activity was realized successfully corresponding to the theme of Air Pollution. The teachers now wish to take this topic forward by explaining to the students the various solutions to curb this dreadful situation of air pollution in our country.

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