1 August, 2019
Breathe Free-Orientation Programme for Primary staff
-Ms. Tejashree Vesvikar

“Clean air is our right and our responsibility!” states EPA-Environmental Protection Agencies. Following the introductory Greenline sessions in June and July attended by our staff representatives, there was an orientation programme conducted on July 30, 2019 in the Primary Section. The Green Line Project has come up with the theme ‘Breathe Free’ for this scholastic year and this initiative taken will help to create awareness about the air pollution in our environment and revive our surroundings to make it a better place to live in.
Mrs. Ranjana Bhandare, the teacher in-charge of the Eco Club-Green Line Project sensitized the staff about the ill effects of air pollution, its indicators at home and in the surroundings and the different methods of preventing and controlling the same. The presentation was done through an effective power point presentation. Ms. Ranjana also highlighted the ways to reduce the pollution by restoring our indoors with spider plant, snake plant, Boston fern, peace lily and Christmas plant that reduce air pollution and keeps the surroundings free from pollution. She also spoke on various ways and means to avoid air pollution.
The session came to a close with a call for every member present to own responsibility to create change and make a difference. The teachers will now provide the necessary impetus and awareness to the students to create awareness on air pollution and accept the responsibility to revive the environment through various activities during the year.
The key to a greener planet is in our hands!

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