3 February, 2019
Brainfeed School Excellence Award for our school
-Mrs. Daphne Pereira

Our school is going from strength to strength in the pursuit of academic and all-round excellence. This progress and consistency have been noticed and rewarded. There’s another feather in our cap as the school was awarded the Brainfeed School Excellence Award 2018-19. The school was selected as ONE OF THE BEST SCHOOLS OF INDIA under different categories. The note from the Brainfeed organization read: ‘The Jury of Brainfeed School Excellence Award 2018-19 unanimously selected your school under the prescribed criteria for transforming education and young minds through a noteworthy spectrum of initiatives and efforts.’
The award ceremony took place on 31st Jan 2019 at the Brainfeed 6th National Conference held at Hotel Avasa, Hyderabad where academicians came together for the cause of education. This conference served as a platform to showcase best practices and solutions on Teaching, Learning and Leadership for the K-12 academicians. Our school was represented by our Kg Supervisor Mrs. Shoba D’Souza at the presentation ceremony in Hyderabad.

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