srkg0007Don Bosco High School, Matunga’s annual festival, spelt two days, August 21 and 22, of fun, creativity and learning. We witnessed a slew of events, both group and individual, that brought talent to the fore and fetched the children House Points. We also focused on events intended to help the students improve in their academic performance.The uniqueness of this year’s Bosco Kala Utsav was the Student Council, along with the working committee, who took charge of the entire programme, right from the planning stage to the implementation, with minimal intervention on the part of the teachers.To provide a bird’s eye view, the Utsav included the English Elocution, the Debates, the Choral Recitation, the Mental Floss Essay Writing event, Mono Acting, the Unique Talent event, a quiz, a handwriting event, word search and Sudoku puzzles, an art event and the much-loved Vocals event. As part of sustained efforts to inculcate the reading habit in our students, a ‘Readathon’ event was organized, wherein each student was encouraged to read a book of his choice in class. A spelling bee aimed not only at improving spelling, but also at building vocabulary. Studen
ts made colourful and creative displays for their classrooms.

srkg0003A feedback was given on the days’ events, on what went well and how to better the programme in the forthcoming year. Finally, the boys viewed two short films on Don Bosco.

Kudos to the Student Council and the members of the working committee for a job well done and congratulations to the winners of the various competitions!

-Ms Ashwini