11 February, 2020
Bosco Week-Primary section
-Mrs. Cleffy D`Souza

“Walk with your feet on earth but in your heart be in heaven” were some of the famous words by St. John Bosco. The feast of St. John Bosco is celebrated on 31st January every year and to commemorate the feast of its founder with due solemnity and grandeur the entire Primary Section of Don Bosco High School Matunga celebrated Bosco Week from January 22,2020 to January 29, 2020.

Each day of the ‘Week’ was meticulously planned with activities centering around St. John Bosco. Throughout the month of January, the teachers gave their morning talks based on interesting events that happened in the life of Don Bosco. The children also learnt some melodious hymns on Don Bosco viz. ‘Raise Your Voices’, ‘All Hail To Saint Don Bosco’, ‘Long Live Don Bosco’, from their Music Master.

In the classrooms, the class teachers of each standard conducted various activities such as narrating stories to students based on Don Bosco’s life, teaching them hymns and songs, passing on information to them about his tips for school children; palm cut outs were also given to the students to write the qualities of Don Bosco. Finally, quizzes were conducted and worksheets were administered to ensure that the children had comprehended and grasped the true essence of this mighty saint who loved children so very much.

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