16 October, 2018
Books are our best friend-Readathon Day/Vachan Divas
-Ms. Colleen Azavedo

It is rightly said, Reading is to mind what exercise is to the body.
Readathon day was conducted on 13th October 2018 for the students of Don Bosco Primary School. Each student was asked to bring an interesting story book from home. They read the story, keeping in mind little details as they had to fill these details while doing the worksheet that was given to them. A couple of students narrated the story to the class. The teacher discussed the importance of reading and comprehending.
The students were asked to prepare a chart, booklet, frieze etc. that they did beautifully in class. These activities enhanced many skills like vocabulary, creativity, imagination and sequencing. The students did a worksheet, which tackled different questions about the story they read. This included the title, character, moral and related aspects.
Vachan Divas was conducted on 15th October 2018. The students of the primary section were given a newspaper each; they read it and wrote or drew about the same. It was an enriching experience for the students. The students who avoided reading learnt to develop a taste for this enriching habit.