23 August, 2018
Blessing and inauguration of the new football turf
-Mr Barrington Serrao

A brand new football turf is the cynosure of all eyes at DB Matunga, for besides providing the much needed play surface during the rains, it also adds to the sporting grandeur on the campus. The turf was blessed and inaugurated on 20th Aug 2018. The turf was blessed by the Principal Fr. Bernard Fernandes who celebrated his birthday on that day. Also present were the two Salesians who championed the work and completion of the turf, Rector Fr. Crispino D’Souza and Administrator Fr. Roy Noronha.
In attendance on the occasion were representative staff members of the two schools on the campus, DBHS and DBIS, as well as a few students of the two schools. An exhibition match was later played by the two junior football teams of DBHS and DBIS.
The turf is a welcome playground for the children of the high school and the International school during their PT periods, coaching and other sporting events.
Another reason for all to celebrate this added facility on the campus!

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